About Us

This website is dedicated to covering tropical activity in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. The Eyewall was founded in June 2023 by Matt Lanza and Eric Berger, who work together on the Houston-based forecasting site Space City Weather.

Our purpose is to extend our no-hype approach to forecasting weather to hurricanes across the entire Atlantic basin so that residents and business owners at risk for storms can have access to quality forecasts and make informed decisions about protecting their families, property, and businesses.

MATT LANZA, Editor: Matt is a forecast meteorologist in Houston’s energy sector, and he previously worked as a broadcast meteorologist in Upstate New York. He writes a majority of the daily tropics forecasts for The Eyewall and is responsible for its overall operations. Matt is passionate about sharing accurate forecasting with all audiences.

ERIC BERGER, Contributing editor: A certified meteorologist, Eric has written about tropical weather in the greater Houston area for more than two decades, beginning with Tropical Storm Allison in 2001. He writes frequently for The Eyewall, and is also the author of the book Liftoff, about the rise of SpaceX.

If you are a publication or non-profit organization that is facing a tropical storm or hurricane threat, we are happy to syndicate our content. Please contact us for permission.