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With the democratization of weather data in the last 20 years, it has become easy for anyone and everyone to access raw weather model images and output, without any context or meteorological understanding. While we encourage our readers to continue learning about the science of meteorology as far as their interest takes them, we also urge you to be cautious with raw weather model output. We frequently see modeling get things wrong, even a day or two in advance. We are here to help you interpret that information through our posts. But we also recognize that there’s interest in the raw data, so we’ll help you with some links we think are of good quality for tropical weather information.

Just a reminder: Use these links for informational purposes only, and please follow the instructions of your local officials when it comes to evacuation decisions.

National Hurricane Center: The authority on all things tropical storms and hurricanes.

Weather Prediction Center: The authority on rainfall and inland flooding risk from tropical storms or hurricanes.

Tropical Tidbits: A weather model website with good quality images of model data for individual storms. Levi’s video updates are also of high quality. Another good quality weather model website with individual storm and model imagery, as well as zoomable satellite imagery.

Evacuation information from The Eyewall with links to local sites to get evacuation zone maps and preparedness information.