Quick Saturday check up on Tammy and Norma

One-sentence summary

Hurricane Tammy is scraping the northern half of the Lesser Antilles with tropical storm and isolated hurricane conditions through the day, while Norma is about to make landfall near Cabo as a formidable hurricane.

Hurricane Tammy scraping the Lesser Antilles

When you look at satellite, it’s kind of hard to believe that Tammy is a hurricane, but here we are!

Hurricane Tammy is just to the east of the Lesser Antilles and moving northwest. (Weathernerds.org)

Tammy has maximum winds of 80 mph, but as you can see from the satellite loop above, thankfully the majority of thunderstorm activity is east of the islands. This will help mitigate impacts a bit there through the day. However, with Tammy still having a bit of a westerly component to its track, some of that core that’s just east of Guadeloupe will probably begin to enter the islands. So from about Martinique northward, conditions could deteriorate through the day some.

Hurricane Tammy is expected to enter the islands today and exit tomorrow evening. (NOAA NHC)

The strongest winds from Tammy may occur near Antigua and Barbuda, and that’s where I’d put the highest odds of seeing some gusts closer to hurricane force. Otherwise, tropical storm conditions will impact the northern half of the Lesser Antilles. Heavy rain is also likely and flash flooding or mudslides in mountainous terrain will be a possibility.

For the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, the strongest winds should stay comfortably east of there, and the main concern will be rough surf, rip currents, and heavy rain. Today is another day with an elevated risk of excessive rainfall in most of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Excessive rainfall has an elevated chance of leading to flash flooding across much of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands today. (NWS San Juan)

As Tammy lifts north, uncertainty in the track increases, but for the islands, conditions should improve into late Sunday and Monday.

Hurricane Norma about to make land in Cabo

Norma remains a hurricane this morning, with maximum winds of 110 mph. It is gradually weakening, but will still come ashore very soon in Cabo as a hurricane.

Norma is about to make landfall in Cabo as a formidable hurricane. (NOAA NHC)

Norma will continue off to the north and east tonight and tomorrow before dissipating over Mexico on Monday. Conditions should improve in Baja and Cabo tonight. Tropical storm conditions are expected in Sinaloa tomorrow with rain arriving earlier than that.