As year two of The Eyewall begins, we are looking for some sponsors!

The tropics look pretty quiet to start off the first full week of June, so I just want to take a brief moment today to reflect on our one year anniversary that we passed on Saturday.

The first full week of June should hopefully be a quiet one in the Atlantic. (NOAA NHC)

Through our first year, we served a half-million visitors with 1.5 million views on our site. We did this with no advertising; just our base audience in Houston from Space City Weather, searches, and word of mouth. Our most popular post was a deep dive into Hurricane Otis, explaining why it became the monster it did hitting Acapulco last autumn. We tinkered a bit with covering some other weather stories around the country, including leading up to the solar eclipse this spring, explaining a very complicated cloud cover forecast as best we could.

As we embark on year two of The Eyewall, we will change things up just a little. Instead of posting every day, if only to often say “nothing is happening,” we will post regularly at least twice a week and obviously increase the frequency when things get busy. Our goal for this site is not to be your only source of tropical weather information, nor is it to be your local authority on tropical weather (outside of Houston). Rather, it is to supplement everything you see, read, and hear through the long marathon that is hurricane season. We want to add context, set goalposts, and offer insights that may get lost in the shuffle as storms get moving.

We continue to offer this to our readers with no real compensation to us. Which is fine! We love doing this. However, if you are interested in sponsoring a growing site, we would be happy to chat. Our goal is to become a must-read site for coastal residents from Texas to Maine and beyond during the Atlantic hurricane season. We’ve built up a niche set of followers from our coverage last year in California, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Florida, in addition to a significant audience here in Texas and in Louisiana. We have no intention to ever put anything behind a paywall or litter the site with annoying ads. So if you’d like to get in on the ground floor, we’d love to work with you.

A reminder that we will also be active on social media, so give our sites a follow depending on what platform you’re most comfortable with.

TikTok (we will occasionally cross post from Instagram there)

Here’s to a quiet season ahead, even if we don’t think it will be.

7 thoughts on “As year two of The Eyewall begins, we are looking for some sponsors!”

  1. Have you guys considered just putting up an unobtrusive PayPal link or something similar so those of us who follow your (excellent) work but don’t represent a large weather conglomerate can buy you a cup of coffee or pint of ale here and there?

  2. Any thoughts on patreon? (Or do you already have one and I’m just blind) Can’t be a sponsor but would love to be able to contribute in someway other than just buying merch.

  3. Generac would be a perfect sponsor since the desire for generators goes hand in hand with hurricane season.

  4. Appreciate y’all even though I live pretty far inland(Austin,TX). I teach 6th grade Science and refer y’all and your site often with my kids. Keep up the great work!!

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